Is Glyphosate Resistance “Crying Wolf”?

Denial of resistance will be your worst enemy!... Full story.

Using The Productivity Index

The Productivity Index (PI) can be a valuable tool for making these decisions.... Full story.

Seed - 2013

Many new varieties available... Full story.

Residual Nitrogen and Soil Fertility

One doesn’t add oil to an engine without checking the dip stick. Neither should one add fertilizer products to a field without checking the dip stick by soil sampling.... Full story.

More Farmers Are Adopting Precision Ag

Here are some Precision Ag learnings from past years:... Full story.

Drought and Tillage - 2012

With soil moisture levels low, here are some tips to consider this fall and spring.... Full story.

Estimating harvest loss

The soybeans and corn are starting to come off and they are pretty dry. ... Full story.

Fall harvest beginning

Soybean harvest started in the past 7 days in central Nebraska. Mid to later group II’s have pods and seeds that dried rapidly from the hot, windy 90’s degree temperatures. ... Full story.

Fall Sampling Recommendations

Fall Sampling Recommendations ... Full story.

Sugarbeet root aphids

We are finding low levels of sugarbeet root aphids in the Red River Valley.... Full story.

Yield estimates

We have a LOT of variability in our fields! It is very tough to get good yield estimates, so here are a couple quick formulas that I use to estimate yields.... Full story.

RR sugarbeet deregulated

APHIS deregulated RR sugarbeets on July 19, 2012, after conducting a comprehensive environmental impact assessment.... Full story.

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