Winner Receives

  • Two round-trip airline tickets to the ARA Conference & Exposition Dec. 3-5, 2013.
  • Two-night accommodations at the Trump Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Fla.
  • VIP Dinner with Monsanto representatives and ARA officers.
  • Two-page article in AgProfessional magazine spotlighting the winning retail facility.
  • Special award presentation at the ARA Conference & Exposition.
  • A beautifully cut lead crystal award to display at retail facility.
  • Bonus: A round-trip flight to St. Louis for a tour of Monsanto's biotech research facility and a meeting with senior executives.


Nomination Deadline: Friday, July 5, 2013


ARA Retailer of the Year Criteria

Do you know someone who consistently outperforms other retailers? Someone who exceeds customers' expectations? Someone who successfully leads by outstanding and innovative business practices? Then you know someone who should be nominated for the "ARA Retailer of the Year Award." Specific criteria are outlined below. Nominations must be received by July 5, 2013.



1. Effective Employee Relations

  • Hires, trains and retains highly skilled, professional employees
  • Competitive compensation & benefits plan
  • Commits resources for employees to participate in professional certification and/or self improvement programs



2. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

  • Respect for the environment beyond compliance
  • Implements daily practices that improve the environment and the image of our industry
  • Use sustainable and financially sensible practices that help to conserve and protect our natural resources to ensure a safe environment and food supply now and for future generations.


3. Reliability

  • Meets customer expectations, especially during the busiest time of the year
  • Implements practices to reduce downtime (fleet management, preventive maintenance, etc.)



4. Community & Industry Leadership

  • Civic involvement
  • Local, state and national industry association involvement
  • Must be an ARA member



5. Relationship Building

  • Continually refines strategic alliances with customers, suppliers, employees and state and local governments
  • Effective at managing risk associated with the ag retail business, and also help farmer customers manage their risks



6. Technology Utilization

  • Embraces a business philosophy that maximizes revenue service streams by focusing on profitable customer services
  • Turns raw customer data into more profitable crop production decisions



7. Innovative Business Practices

  • Optimizes changing markets by providing personalized services (value added)
  • Strives to diversify business strategies
  • Implements cutting-edge management tools in all facets of retail business


Past Winners


Wheat Growers (Aberdeen, S.D.)



AgProfessional January 2013 Article: ARA Retailer of the Year




The Lyman/Tremont Group (Woodland, CA)



AgProfessional January 2012 Article: ARA Retailer of the Year




Central Valley Ag (Oakland, NE)



AgProfessional January 2011 Article: ARA Retailer of the Year




Willard Agri-Service (Lynch, MD)



AgProfessional January 2010 Article: ARA Retailer of the Year




The McGregor Company (Southeast WA)


AgProfessional July 2009 Article: Retailer of the Year Team Tours Monsanto


AgProfessional January 2009 Article: ARA Retailer of the Year




Landmark Services Cooperative (Cottage Grove, WI)


AgProfessional January 2008 Article: Keeping Customers First, Landmark Services Cooperative Wins ARA Retailer of the Year




C-S Agrow Service (Calumet, IA)




The Dune Company (Yuma, AZ)




Effingham Equity (Effingham, IL)


Help us to recognize the "Best of the Best" — nominate the retailer you most highly regard for
"ARA Retailer of the Year" today! Nominations MUST be received by Friday, July 5, 2013!