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Late-season 2,4-D treatments in corn

Weeds that escape control not only impact crop yields but also produce seeds that contribute to future problems. While it is too late to protect crop yields from weed-related losses, in some situations the quantity of weed seed that is produced can be reduced.


Weed ID is the key

College students from across the U.S. and Canada competed in the National Weed Science Contest July 20-21 at the Western Agricultural Research Station in South Charleston. The program was part of a competition to see who has bragging rights as the best student weed scientists, said Bruce Ackley, an Ohio State University Extension program specialist in weed science.


Adjuvants alone won’t solve glyphosate resistance

Adjuvants are very useful products which are used to enhance the activity of postemergence herbicides. Numerous adjuvant products from very reliable distributors are marketed annually and provide a true value to growers seeking to optimize herbicide performance. However, since the adjuvant industry is not regulated as stringently as the pesticide industry, we occasionally run into products that create a lot of attention because of extravagant claims made by the manufacturer or distributor.


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