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Timing of cheatgrass herbicides on wheat


Producers who want to treat their fields of continuous wheat with a cheatgrass herbicide have to decide when to apply it. Should they spend the money and apply it this fall or wait until spring to see if the wheat is going to yield enough to pay for it?

ALS-resistant common chickweed becoming more of an issue


Common chickweed (Stellaria media) that is resistant to Group 2, or ALS-inhibiting herbicides, is on the increase in certain areas of the U.S., and can be a considerable problem in wheat production.

Weed seed present at harvest offers weed control opportunity


At grain harvest, removing the weed seed often becomes a missed opportunity, and a tremendous amount of weed seeds are left on the field. Harvesting weed seeds can prevent them from becoming part of the soil seed bank.

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Market Commentary

Midday Report 10/24

The wheat markets are mixed to lower. Prospective rainfall over the southern Plains seems to be weighing on KC wheat today, with the Chicago market following lower. Minneapolis prices have sustained a portion of overnight gains. December CBOT wheat sagged 2.5 cents at $5.2425/bushel as the lunch hour loomed Friday, while December KC wheat sank 5.0 cents to $6.0025/bushel, and December MWE wheat edged down 0.5 to $5.705.
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