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Management suggestions for barley yellow dwarf virus control

Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) is a viral disease occasionally impacting small grain crops in Michigan, including wheat, oats and barley. Symptoms include yellowing or reddening of leaves in young or more mature plants.


Kansas farmers encouraged to be proactive in wheat disease control

Kansas farmers are encouraged to be especially cognizant during wheat planting season to select wheat varieties with high resistance to fungal diseases as well as to apply fungicides to seed before drilling wheat this season. Wheat flag smut was detected in Kansas earlier this summer and with potential yield and trade implications from the fungus prevention in the upcoming crop will be important.


Wet weather exposes wheat to mold and mycotoxins

Before the combines hit the fields this fall for harvest, farmers may want to keep a watchful eye on their crop quality. Preliminary testing over the summer months of the 2015 North America wheat crop, conducted by Alltech's 37+ mycotoxin analysis, shows an average 3.2 mycotoxins per sample, with Deoxynivalenol (DON) the most predominant toxin.


‘A quiet crisis': The rise of acidic soil in Washington

Wheat farmers are now seeing acidic soils across the inland Pacific Northwest. The culprit, as far as anyone can tell, is the abundant use of synthetic nitrogen to increase crop yields, a practice that has otherwise revolutionized production over the past half century. Over time, however, it has contributed to a soil health problem that has farmers worried about the future of farming in the Palouse.


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