Source: AGSECO, Inc.

WB-Stout is a new hard red winter wheat variety researched and developed by the WestBred breeding program and licensed to AGSECO for marketing in the Central and Southern Plains states. Its outstanding grain quality characteristics earned the variety the status of the Wheat Quality Council's 2010 Wheat Variety of the Year.

In addition to the outstanding grain quality, WB-Stout has shown outstanding yield potential in a broad range of wheat production environments from East to West in the Central and Southern Plains states. It offers a disease resistance package that includes good levels of resistance to leaf rust, speckled leaf blotch, soil borne mosaic virus, spindle streak mosaic virus, stem rust and tan spot.

Other attributes not to be ignored include its early maturity, good straw strength, very good shattering resistance, very good winterhardiness, good tolerance to acid soils, a medium-long coleoptile and good grazing potential. According to Jim Sipes, president of AGSECO, "WB-Stout will likely become an impact variety based on the performance and agronomic characteristics we’ve seen thus far.  Additionally, WB-Stout has a history of producing high protein which will eliminate or at least moderate low protein discounts at the elevator."

WestBred, a unit of Monsanto Company, is a premier research and development company for cereal grains in North America. WestBred products combine a rich tradition of growing experience with leading edge technologies to create some of the finest cereal grain seed available today. Their primary hard red winter wheat research facility is located near Haven, Kansas and is under the direction of Dr. Sid Perry. For more information, please visit

AGSECO, Inc. is a group of regional seed companies who cooperatively market wheat genetics in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska. By licensing varieties developed by the WestBred breeding program, AGSECO is able to market some of the finest varieties available in their local trade regions. For more information, please visit