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New hope for fighting major fungal disease in durum wheat

A variety of wheat that is resistant to a destructive fungal disease has been found to have specialized and protective cell walls, according to research published in BMC Plant Biology. These insights could help to produce stronger, disease-resistant varieties of durum wheat for improved pasta production.


U.S. winter wheat seeded area reflects supply, prices

USDA released a trio of reports this week showing how farmers reacted to weather conditions, relatively high U.S. wheat supplies and relatively low farm gate prices last fall when they seeded winter wheat. Planted area for hard red winter (HRW) and soft red winter (SRW) is down while soft white (SW) winter seedings increased following a shorter Pacific Northwest crop in 2013/14.


UF/IFAS study: Wheat yield to decline as temperatures increase

For every degree Celsius that the temperature increases, the world loses 6 percent of its wheat crop, according to a new global study led by a University of Florida scientist. That’s one fourth of the annual global wheat trade, which reached 147 million tons in 2013.


Global warming reduces wheat production markedly if no adaptation

Future global wheat harvest is likely to be reduced by six percent per each degree Celsius of local temperature increase if no adaptation takes place. Worldwide this would correspond to 42 million tons of yield reduction, which equals a quarter of current global wheat trade.


WASDE: 2014-2015 global wheat supplies raised

Feed and residual use for 2014/15 is lowered 30 million bushels reflecting disappearance for June-November as indicated by the December 1 stocks released in the Grain Stocks report.


Grain Stocks: Corn soars 7% from December 2013

Corn stored in all positions on December 1, 2014 totaled 11.2 billion bushels, up 7 percent from December 1, 2013. Of the total stocks, 7.09 billion bushels are stored on farms, up 11 percent from a year earlier. Off-farm stocks, at 4.12 billion bushels, are up 1 percent from a year ago.


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