Global wheat production for 2012/13 is projected up 1.9 million tons this month to 655.5 million. The increase is due to upward revisions for India, EU-27, and Nepal.

The Government of India, where the wheat harvest was completed in April-May 2012, issued a new estimate for wheat output, which pushes that coountry’s record-high crop further up 1.0 million tons to 94.9 million.

The EU-27 wheat production estimate is up 0.5 million tons to 132.3 million, reflecting the latest Lithuanian Government assessment. The data series for wheat production in Nepal has been revised starti ng in 2007, and for 2012/13 output is projected 0.3 million tons higher at 1.7 million. Slight (less-than-0.1-million-ton) 2012/13 production changes are made for Russia and Peru based on official local reports.

Wheat production numbers are also slightly revised for Georgia (2010/11 and 2011/12 marketing years) and for Kyrgyzstan (years 2007/08 through 2009/10 marketing years), based on government statistical data.

Source: Wheat Outlook