Source: Don Hershman, Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Kentucky

Be on alert for stripe rust. The disease may have overwintered in your area and there may be some hot spots that could serve as fuel for a rapidly developing problem on a field by field basis. I wrote a KY Pest News article on this a couple of issues ago. It may not be a problem, but it is easy to miss things this time of year unless active crop scouting is taking place. The disease level in this particular field really increased over the past two weeks. Phil Needham said he has seen stripe rust in other fields too, but this one in Oak Grove is the worst so far. Still, there may be fields with a similar level of disease.

For information on management of stripe rust go to Chapter 7 of the Wheat Management Guide.

Scout for Stripe Rust in Wheat

Figure 1. Stripe rust in wheat.

Scout for Stripe Rust in Wheat
Figure 2. Stripe rust in wheat.