The ARS/USDA Cereal Disease Lab has published three Cereal Rust Bulletins this season, so far. This bulletin may be found at the Cereal Disease Lab's Web site.

As of May 3, the Cereal Disease Lab reprots that leaf rust levels are quite low in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Generally, dry conditions in these states have not been favorable for leaf rust development. Stripe rust also is at  very low levels in these states this year. These low levels of these two rust diseases indicated that we may have a lower risk for development in our spring and winter wheat fields, as the source of our infections are rust spores from the southern plains states.

Bob Hunger, plant pathologist in Oklahoma, however, does report some extensive barley yellow dwarf virus infections in his state. This virus is transmitted by cereal aphids, which can be transported to North Dakota via prevailing winds. We will keep our eye out for aphids, and of course, rust development, once the crops are planted and up.