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Wild grass could help wheat and barley breeding research


Plant scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have made a breakthrough that could lead to new, high-yielding, disease-resistant crop varieties.

Volunteer wheat control: Protecting the state’s wheat crop


The wet weather in much of Kansas in June caused quite a bit of volunteer wheat to emerge and grow rapidly. Any volunteer wheat should be controlled soon to protect the state’s 2014/15 wheat crop that will be planted this fall.

U.S. soft red winter wheat hit hard by head scab


This year, soft red winter wheat has been hit badly by the head scab fungus, which develops when it rains during the crop's key growing period.

Verdesian, Mitsui and Hokusan sign agreement (08/21/14)

U.S. farmers fight poisonous wheat fungus with cleaning, waiting (08/19/14)

LSU looks to molecular markers to speed wheat breeding (08/18/14)

The importance of wheat seed treatments (08/13/14)

Be wary of wheat quality after wet weather (07/31/14)

Evaluate wheat seed quality prior to planting (07/28/14)

Seed treatments strongly recommended for 2014 wheat crop (07/25/14)

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Afternoon Comments 09/19

Wheat prices fell once again. Thursday’s export news was quite disappointing for wheat bulls, since it confirmed the noncompetitive nature of current U.S. quotes on the global market. U.S. dollar values at 4.5-year highs are discouraged traders as well. December CBOT wheat dropped 14.0 cents to $4.745/bushel at Friday’s settlement, while December KC wheat tumbled 9.5 cents to $5.6025/bushel, and December MWE wheat dove 14.75 to $5.355.
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