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Wheat disease update


The growth stage of wheat in Kansas ranges from tillering in the northwest to jointing in the southeast and south central regions of the state. The development of the crop is 2-3 weeks behind schedule for this time of year.

Looking to wheat's wild ancestors to combat evolving threat


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists have pinpointed the location of a gene in a little-known ancient grass that could help save one of the world's most important cereal crops from an unrelenting fungus.

Mutant wheat fungus alarms food experts


Outbreaks of a deadly fungal disease in wheat crops in Germany and Ethiopia in 2013 have had the scientific community buzzing over the threat posed to global food security.

Recommendations concerning wheat disease  (04/02/14)

Outlook for wheat leaf rust and stripe rust (03/24/14)

Researchers developing wheat resistant to mites, diseases  (03/13/14)

NDSU wheat researcher fights rust disease (03/10/14)

MANA introduces Custodia premix fungicide (01/15/14)

Wheat breeders make progress on scab resistance (01/08/14)

Syngenta offers new online wheat resource (11/19/13)

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Afternoon Comments 04/23

Japanese buying may have sparked Wednesday’s wheat bounce. The Black Sea situation remains tense, which probably provided general support for wheat futures at midweek. Persistent dryness in the southern Plains may also have spurred some buying today. In addition, bulls were probably encouraged by a big wheat sale to Japan and strength spilling over from the corn market. May CBOT wheat futures advanced 3.5 cents to $6.765/bushel at Wednesday’s settlement, while May KCBT wheat futures gained 4.5 cents to $7.4575, and May MWE futures ran up 4.0 to $7.2425.
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