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Hessian fly fall activity on wheat


Recent rains in Kansas will cause some Hessian fly adults to begin emerging from the oversummering flaxseed. Summer survival of the Hessian fly is usually enhanced under no-till or reduced-till systems.

Insight into drought tolerance of TAM wheat varieties


Drought is the most important constraint limiting wheat yields in the U.S. Southern High Plains, and the past four years of exceptional drought have provided a tremendous opportunity for research and genetic improvements.

Wheat gene discovery clears way for non-GMO breeding


Washington State University researchers have found “the most famous wheat gene,” a reproductive traffic cop of sorts that can be used to transfer valuable genes from other plants to wheat.

Taking a shortcut to improving wheat (09/15/14)

Farm Bureau on USDA projections for corn, soybean yield (09/11/14)

Wild grass could help wheat and barley breeding research (09/11/14)

Wheat management for fall 2014 (09/10/14)

Planting the 2015 winter wheat crop (09/10/14)

Wheat growers and Monsanto in tentative settlement (09/09/14)

Sulfur for wheat fields with a history of deficiency (09/08/14)

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Key Reports/Outlook

U.S. spring wheat areas, production unchanged (09/16/13)

World wheat trade up slightly (09/16/13)

Higher projected wheat imports raise 2013-2014 ending stocks (09/16/13)

World wheat production prospects boosted further (09/16/13)

Foreign wheat use to reach a record (08/15/13)

Record-high world wheat production projected (08/14/13)

U.S. wheat price prospects lower despite increased exports (08/14/13)

Exports: Corn sales bounce (08/01/13)

U.S. corn planted acreage highest since 1936 (06/28/13)

Corn stocks down 12 percent from June 2012 (06/28/13)

Market Commentary

Morning Comments 09/17

Bearish global conditions are depressing the wheat markets. Wheat futures couldn’t sustain their initial bullish reaction to Tuesday’s FSA acreage data and ended the day poorly. News that U.S. wheat was shut out of an Egyptian tender added to the pessimistic environment. News that Japan got no offers for an overnight tender seemed to do little to support prices. December CBOT wheat skidded 1.5 cents to $4.9475/bushel Tuesday night, while December KC wheat dipped 2.5 cents to $5.8075/bushel, and December MWE wheat edged 1.75 lower to $5.6375.
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