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Volunteer wheat control: Protecting the state’s wheat crop


The wet weather in much of Kansas in June caused quite a bit of volunteer wheat to emerge and grow rapidly. Any volunteer wheat should be controlled soon to protect the state’s 2014/15 wheat crop that will be planted this fall.

Determining the seeding rate for winter wheat


Nebraska growers use seeding rates for winter wheat that vary from 30 to 180 lb per acre (320,000 to almost 3,000,000 seeds per acre). The lower rates are most common in drier areas.

Tips on using anhydrous ammonia for wheat production


As producers start thinking about anhydrous application for wheat this fall, there are a few basic points which they should keep in mind, especially regarding safety. Ammonia is a hazardous material and safety should be the highest priority of the operator.

U.S. soft red winter wheat hit hard by head scab (08/21/14)

Verdesian, Mitsui and Hokusan sign agreement (08/21/14)

Canada producing less wheat, canola than expected (08/21/14)

Test wheat seed germination if harvest aid herbicides were used (08/20/14)

U.S. farmers fight poisonous wheat fungus with cleaning, waiting (08/19/14)

LSU looks to molecular markers to speed wheat breeding (08/18/14)

USDA forecasts 3M bushel increase in ending stocks (08/18/14)

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Key Reports/Outlook

U.S. spring wheat areas, production unchanged (09/16/13)

World wheat trade up slightly (09/16/13)

Higher projected wheat imports raise 2013-2014 ending stocks (09/16/13)

World wheat production prospects boosted further (09/16/13)

Foreign wheat use to reach a record (08/15/13)

Record-high world wheat production projected (08/14/13)

U.S. wheat price prospects lower despite increased exports (08/14/13)

Exports: Corn sales bounce (08/01/13)

U.S. corn planted acreage highest since 1936 (06/28/13)

Corn stocks down 12 percent from June 2012 (06/28/13)

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Afternoon Comments 08/29

A larger IBC forecast also weighed on the wheat markets. There was little fresh news about the Ukraine-Russia situation, which may undercut Thursday’s late rally. In addition, the IGC also boosted its 2014 global wheat production forecast 11.0 million to 713 million tonnes. Thus, wheat futures moved mostly lower to end the week. September CBOT wheat fell 6.25 cents to $5.5025/bushel at its Friday settlement, while September KC wheat dove 8.75 cents to $6.2625/bushel, but September MWE wheat rose 3.0 to $6.15.
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