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Invasive weed increasingly taking hold in Kansas


Spurred by late spring and early summer rainfall, farmers’ row crops across much of Kansas are thriving. And so are the weeds they’re trying to control, including Palmer amaranth, an aggressive and invasive weed that used to be controlled by the popular herbicide glyphosate.

Chinese researchers develop powdery mildew resistant wheat


Advanced genome-editing techniques have been used to create a strain of wheat resistant to a destructive fungal pathogen—called powdery mildew—that is a major bane to the world’s top food source, according to scientists at one of China’s leading centers for agricultural research.

How researchers are speeding up seed production for new wheat


An international team of plant geneticists is trialling a rapid method of producing new varieties of wheat and barley ready for field trials.

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Scientists complete chromosome-based draft of wheat genome (07/18/14)

Head scab appearing in some Wisconsin wheat fields (07/16/14)

Control weeds in wheat stubble before they set seed (07/16/14)

Drought, poor KS wheat harvest has effects on U.S. economy (07/14/14)

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U.S. spring wheat areas, production unchanged (09/16/13)

World wheat trade up slightly (09/16/13)

Higher projected wheat imports raise 2013-2014 ending stocks (09/16/13)

World wheat production prospects boosted further (09/16/13)

Foreign wheat use to reach a record (08/15/13)

Record-high world wheat production projected (08/14/13)

U.S. wheat price prospects lower despite increased exports (08/14/13)

Exports: Corn sales bounce (08/01/13)

U.S. corn planted acreage highest since 1936 (06/28/13)

Corn stocks down 12 percent from June 2012 (06/28/13)

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Afternoon Comments 07/23

The wheat markets rebounded as well. Current wheat fundamentals seem less than supportive, especially with the corn market depressed. U.S. wheat was also shut out of the latest Egyptian tender, which didn’t help market psychology. Nevertheless, prices turned higher around midsession, with wheat traders apparently expecting soy strength to raise all boats in the crop sector. September CBOT wheat climbed 6.25 cent to $5.3075/bushel as Wednesday’s pit session ended, while September KC wheat moved up 2.25 cents to $6.235/bushel, and September MWE wheat gained 2.25 cents to $6.21.
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