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Managing winter-damaged wheat


There is evidence of significant winter-kill within some Michigan wheat fields. The loss is primarily due to layers of ice and water that suffocated the wheat between January and March.

Wheat disease update


The growth stage of wheat in Kansas ranges from tillering in the northwest to jointing in the southeast and south central regions of the state. The development of the crop is 2-3 weeks behind schedule for this time of year.

USDA: U.S. wheat market share projected to continue to slip


Although global and U.S. wheat exports are projected to rise over the next decade, the U.S. share of the world market is projected to continue to decline because of competition from other exporters.

Highlights from Congressional Budget Baseline through 2024/25 (04/21/14)

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Know your enemy: The importance of weed identification (04/16/14)

LSU finds herbicide-resistant Italian ryegrass (04/16/14)

Condition of winter wheat deteriorated over the winter (04/15/14)

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Key Reports/Outlook

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U.S. corn planted acreage highest since 1936 (06/28/13)

Corn stocks down 12 percent from June 2012 (06/28/13)

Market Commentary

Afternoon Comments 04/24

Several factors seem to be power the wheat markets higher. The simmering Black Sea situation has seemingly moved closer to a boil, which probably boosted wheat prices. Bulls could also point to persistent dryness in the southern Plains and likely excessive rain and cold in the northern Plains next week. Canadian planting intentions seemed somewhat supportive as well. May CBOT wheat futures surged 12.5 cents to $6.89/bushel Thursday afternoon, while May KCBT wheat futures jumped 13.75 cents to $7.595, and May MWE futures leapt 12.0 to $7.3625.
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