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Know your enemy: The importance of weed identification


With this growing problem of weed resistance spreading across the United States, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to fighting resistance and controlling weeds. Proper weed identification is fundamental to any effective weed control program.

LSU finds herbicide-resistant Italian ryegrass


Louisiana State University AgCenter weed scientists confirmed that farmers will now have to contend with another herbicide-resistant weed, Italian ryegrass.

Condition of winter wheat deteriorated over the winter


Last week, USDA resumed reporting weekly winter wheat condition ratings and the report shows a huge drop compared to the report released in November.

Factors to consider when assessing winter wheat (04/14/14)

New SDSU research on spring wheat seeding rates  (04/08/14)

Looking to wheat's wild ancestors to combat evolving threat (04/08/14)

Metribuzin injury in wheat (04/07/14)

Syngenta acquires Italian durum wheat seed company  (04/07/14)

Are those weeds worthy of treatment? (04/07/14)

Mutant wheat fungus alarms food experts (04/04/14)

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U.S. spring wheat areas, production unchanged (09/16/13)

World wheat trade up slightly (09/16/13)

Higher projected wheat imports raise 2013-2014 ending stocks (09/16/13)

World wheat production prospects boosted further (09/16/13)

Foreign wheat use to reach a record (08/15/13)

Record-high world wheat production projected (08/14/13)

U.S. wheat price prospects lower despite increased exports (08/14/13)

Exports: Corn sales bounce (08/01/13)

U.S. corn planted acreage highest since 1936 (06/28/13)

Corn stocks down 12 percent from June 2012 (06/28/13)

Market Commentary

Midday Report 04/16

The wheat markets were little changed Wednesday morning. The Russia-Ukraine situation is probably supporting wheat futures, but prices have seemingly stalled. The fact that weather conditions aren’t looking as bad as might have been the case may be robbing the market of bullish momentum after Tuesday’s big move. May CBOT wheat futures inched 0.25 cent lower to $7.015/bushel in late Wednesday morning action, while May KCBT wheat futures stabilized at $7.655, as did May MWE futures at $7.385.
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