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A farmer and his drone?

Drones, those small and nimble Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that are popping up everywhere: from airports and the White House lawn to tennis courts and nuclear power stations. Science is looking at positive uses for these miniature aerial work horses. A farmer and his drone working in partnership could make farming greener and cheaper in the future.


Clemson University opens high-tech lab to digitize agriculture

Clemson University’s Edisto Research and Education Center has added a laboratory to develop sensor technologies that will monitor the health of South Carolina farms. The high-tech sensor lab enables Clemson researchers to rapidly develop precision-agriculture technologies that once would take weeks or even months to build, test and refine. Products built here could save growers hours scouting fields and monitoring animal health, as well as reduce unnecessary pesticide applications or irrigation.


Reflections of a precision ag intern

Austin Gulasky, between his junior and senior year at Virginia Tech University, spent his summer as a precision ag intern. He split the 10-week period between Southern States Cooperative locations and MapShots, in Cumming, Ga. Gulasky is majoring in agricultural technology, although he considers himself a “crop and soils” guy.


After failed Syngenta bid, Monsanto to build big data business

With its shares trading at three-year-lows since it abandoned a $46 billion bid to buy Syngenta AG last month, Monsanto Co plans to offer its shareholders a new corporate vision: a future in big data. Monsanto executives are seeking to reposition the company as a business built on data science and services, as well as its traditional chemicals, seeds and genetic traits operations, chief technology officer Robert T. Fraley told Reuters in an interview.


K-State and PrecisionHawk develop UAS app predicting corn production

A research and technology development partnership between two of the nation’s leaders in the unmanned aerial vehicles industry is taking flight. Kansas State University recently signed a research partnership with PrecisionHawk Inc., a Raleigh, N.C., company that develops unmanned aerial systems, or UAS, and applications that manage the data collected by the vehicles while in operation.


Stampede launches new Drone Video System

Stampede, North America’s largest distributor of drone-based systems, is taking the agricultural drone revolution even farther with the next wave of drone technology -- Drone Video Systems, a new category comprised of drone hardware, video conferencing software, and expert consultative services -- that’s bound to reform, once again, how farmers monitor crops and share data.


Iteris signs ClearAg agreement with Valent U.S.A. Corporation

Iteris, Inc., has entered into an agreement with Valent U.S.A. Corporation (Valent), to provide premium, field-level weather, soil content and crop protection product performance applications through ClearAg application programming interfaces (APIs); meteorological and agronomic professional services; and, data science and engineering services.


New Holland expands PLM Connect technology

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and technology such as New Holland’s PLM Connect is enabling producers to collect vast amounts of data that holds a great amount of power that could significantly increase yield productions and farm efficiencies.


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