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ProTrakker introduces two new products in its implement guidance systems line

Advancements in precision agriculture continue to provide producers with technology that gives them more control over maximized yields, inputs, and ultimately, profits. ProTrakker, a manufacturer of implement guidance systems, has pioneered the design of hydraulic hitches and accessories that deliver sub-inch accuracy for virtually all equipment models.


Actionable precision data will drive next ag revolution

Advances in data science and technology will be transformational and can alter the outcome for the nine billion people expected by 2050 if advances are adopted at a necessary speed across the food system, according to FarmLink leaders speaking at GAI AgTech Week Conference.


Summit launches next chapter in Mississippi State-led UAS project

A Mississippi State-led consortium and the Federal Aviation Administration are moving forward with groundbreaking work to integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace after a successful kickoff summit in the nation's capital.


Agren introduces new sustainability solution for agribusiness

Agren, Inc., a provider of sustainability technology to agriculture, unveiled their three-tiered Sustainability Solution for ag retailers. The company says it provides agribusiness an immediate way to add sustainability to their current precision offering.


Is your farm data a trade secret?

Every agricultural technology provider likes to say that “the farmer owns the data,” but is that really true? This statement hinges on the answer to a central question: is farm data a form of intellectual property that the law protects?


GPS landforming: Precision agriculture's new frontier?

GPS landforming is the latest precision agriculture tool to hit mainstream adoption by farmers looking to increase production and profits according to agricultural engineer, Graeme Cox, Ph.D. GPS landforming is the reshaping of a fields topography to predesigned 3D surfaces using high accuracy GPS to control the blade height of the earth moving machine.


Five trends that will reshape farming

A new study from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) identifies the most influential trends that will affect farming practices and structures through 2030. These include precision farming, automation, consolidation, professionalism and labor shortages.


Need to know what to spray on citrus trees to keep bugs at bay?

Florida has nearly 70 million citrus trees on more than 531,500 acres. Now imagine trying to figure out what pesticide to spray on each of those trees to keep them safe from citrus greening. University of Florida researcher James Tansey says the answer is as close as your Android smartphone with a new app developed with ZedX, an information technologies company based in Pennsylvania.


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