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AgGateway launches next phase in SPADE precision ag project

AgGateway's Precision Agriculture Council has launched a third phase of its successful Standardized Precision Ag Data Exchange (SPADE) Project, which will expand on existing work related to automated data exchange in modern farm operations, to focus on crop scouting, crop nutrition, wireless asset and vehicle data exchange, and automation of commodity data for rail and truck transport.


Ag robot shipments to reach nearly 1 million units annually by 2024

Around the world in recent years, there has been an increase in the agriculture industry’s level of interest in the development and deployment of driverless tractors, aerial surveying of farmlands, data collection, field management, and cow milking systems. Moreover, the demand for robots involved in various agricultural processes like harvesting, pruning, weeding, pick-and-place, sorting, seeding, spraying, and materials handling has increased significantly.


BlackBridge to be acquired by Planet Labs

BlackBridge, a leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial solutions, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement for Planet Labs to acquire the RapidEye suite of core offerings. Planet Labs is a provider of a dataset of satellite imagery based in San Francisco, California, that designs, builds, and operates a fleet of earth imaging satellites.


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