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Latest French drone for ag use announced

Lehmann Aviation announced the launch of what it claims is the most efficient and affordable aerial system for precision agriculture: LA300 drone coming with the MicaSense RedEdge multispectral camera.


MapShots is now integrated with Raven Slingshot

With the upcoming release of MapShots Inc.'s Service Pack 0, AgStudio users who also subscribe to Raven Industries' Slingshot system will be able to automatically download data from Slingshot web accounts and Raven’s popular line of field computers.


Wearable technology is making its way to the farm

Many people have heard of Google Glass and how it allows users the ability to get connected to common Web applications without using their hands. But can such technology help run your farm? Craig Ganssle, founder and CEO of Basecamp Networks, says it already is for some agricultural operators.


Optimized eBee Ag drone offers full precision ag workflow

senseFly has optimized its eBee Ag drone solution, adding powerful new software that makes it easy for agricultural professionals to capture high-resolution photos of their fields, analyze crop health and create accurate prescriptions to load into their precision farming equipment.


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