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Researcher explores drone-driven crop management

J. Craig Williams, a Penn State Extension dairy and crop educator, is experimenting with soybean plots and drones in rural, northern Pennsylvania as part of a $9,200 grant provided by the Pennsylvania Soybean Board.


NTSB announces that drones are subject to FAA rules

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a much-awaited decision Tuesday that will surely be a disappointment to many drone enthusiasts, ruling that FAA rules that apply to manned aircraft apply to unmanned aircraft or drones, reports contributor John Goglia.


Valley develops way to share precision irrigation data

Valley Irrigation has developed a way to share precision irrigation data that facilitates data-driven decisions and simplifies irrigation management. The first of its kind, Irrigation Exchange is cutting-edge technology that provides for the seamless transfer of precision data to other ag companies from BaseStation3.

Precision Ag

Growth Points: The marketing value of precision ag

What goes up must come down.

This simple rule of gravity seems to be playing out across the country with cash rents for crop ground as well. What seemed logical when corn was $6 is not so at $3. 

“The desire to have stable cash rents across years is not practical given the variability of ag returns,” writes Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois. In the midst of market volatility it’s often that you may see new winners and losers emerge. Growers that clearly demonstrate high standards of care and stewardship with precision agriculture may have an edge in gaining ground.

Precision Ag

Growth Point: Werries’ precision progress

John Werries takes a look at the yield monitor as the combine gobbles its way through the field. The machine is ravenous, the cab is comfortable and the electronics are working flawlessly.

“This is my 50th corn crop,” he said with a smile. “Way back then I was out here with a Farmall tractor and a two-row planter.”

It’s a sunny autumn day near Jacksonville, Ill., and there’s a lot to smile about. A break in the weather will allow a solid day of harvest, and Werries is feeling good about the numbers moving around 250 on that monitor.


How drones in the sky can help land and water

New uses for unmanned aerial vehicles — aka UAVs or drones — are soaring, even while the Federal Aviation Administration is considering new rules for them. The next breakfast program by the Environmental Professionals Network looks at some of those uses for farms and water.


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