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iConcept unveils remote sensing application

iConcept is excited to unveil its Remote Sensing application, a tailor-made solution especially for agribusiness enterprises. The solution helps enterprises capture, analyze and share crop acreage and crop production data.


Post-harvest guidelines for yield monitors

The end of harvest marks a good time to implement good management practices for yield monitors including taking steps to winterize components.


MU research center gets authorization from FAA to fly drones

Thanks to a recent certification from the Federal Aviation Administration, studies at a University of Missouri research center could find the uses for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in agriculture, journalism and endless other possibilities.

Precision Ag

Precision ag outlook 2015

It took the telephone and electricity industries more than 25 years to achieve 10 percent market penetration in the United States. Smart phones took about four years to go from five percent to 40 percent market penetration of U.S. households. Although it’s difficult to assess adoption of precision agriculture tools and technology, there is evidence we’ve finally entered the “late majority” stage of adoption.


Bringing soil-moisture monitoring from cornfield to battlefield

A cosmic-ray neutron rover may sound like something from a science-fiction film, but a University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher is developing the high-tech tool to help the military better understand the harsh environments in which it operates.


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