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Proximal sensing for on-the-go variable rate N application in corn

Nitrogen (N) is often the most limiting nutrient for optimum corn production. It is needed in large quantities, but because N is unstable, it can quickly be lost to the environment. In recent years, crop-sensing technologies have been introduced to help fine-tune N management accounting for within-field spatial variability, which can increase yields and/or result in better use of N fertilizer.


Sentera becomes a John Deere Operations Center Production Partner

Sentera, LLC completed the integration as a John Deere Operations Center Production Partner. This affiliation gives John Deere’s dealer and customer network access to a variety of Sentera’s agriculture solutions including AgVault Software, precision sensors, and fixed-wing and quad copter agriculture scouting drones.

Crop Fertility

Get more out of 4R performance indicators with precision ag

One of the unique components of 4R Nutrient Stewardship that separates it from traditional nutrient management planning strategies is the inclusion of performance indicators. Performance indicators are parameters that can be used to objectively evaluate outcomes from a specific set of management practices selected for a specific cropping system.


Mavrx launches national imagery service using 100 aircraft pilots

A revolutionary approach on a national scale is bringing low-cost, high-quality on-demand imagery to U.S. farmers in 2016. The aerial program was developed and tested in 2015 by Mavrx, a global company in delivering on-demand and actionable agronomic information from aerial and space-based imaging.


Why agriculture is a 'dream job' for tech enthusiasts

Technology and agriculture are blending together at a rapid pace – so much so that the time is ripe for a multitude of new career opportunities, according to Charlie O’Brien, AEM senior vice president and ag sector lead.


Farmers could make drone sales soar in '16

A new study says that the agricultural industry could represent nearly half of the growing market for commercial drones. According to Juniper Research, sales of commercial drone sales could jump from $261 million in 2015 to $481 million this year, with 48 percent expected to come from agricultural applications.


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