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Google Ventures invests in agricultural technology startup

Google Inc., dipping its toes into an emerging agricultural sector, is investing in a computerized farming network that crunches data on seeds and soil to help farmers grow more crops and save money. Farmers Business Network Inc. on Tuesday closed a $15 million investing round led by Google's venture-capital division, which the startup intends to use to expand its field-analysis service into more states and crops.


MapShots releases Service Pack 0

MapShots, Inc. recently released its first Service Pack for 2015, SP0. A major update to the company's signature AgStudio services platform, SP0 is the first of several planned AgStudio services updates throughout the year.


2015 Farm Science Review takes on sharp edge

Farmers and producers can gain a sharper edge and glean cutting-edge ideas from experts from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University during this year’s Farm Science Review Sept. 22-24 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, Ohio.


Deere memo clarifies equipment/software ownership

Not too surprisingly, the furor over the ownership of John Deere equipment and software copyrights isn’t ready to calm down quite yet. Another online editorial taking Deere to task appeared recently.


Smartphone apps to make you a better weed scientist

We love our smart phones. REALLY LOVE THEM. Most of us have them (or will soon have them). We also spend a lot of time on them; more than two hours per day with the majority of that time spent using applications (apps).


Brandt combining data in a standardized format

Although Brandt was using a software system that could communicate with each platform, the company wanted to advance its data collection and analysis capabilities by standardizing data and bringing information from third-party platforms into a single repository.


Conservation talks back

Most would argue when commodity prices are low, less focus should be placed on conservation practices. Thanks to new technology, conservation is talking back.


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