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Fertilizer placement in strip-till complicates soil sampling


Band fertilizer placement may cause non-uniform distribution in the soil. Why does this matter? Because when fertilizer is unevenly distributed, it may not be possible to use traditional sampling strategies to measure whole-field fertility.

Strip till for field crop production


The trend among northern Plains farmers is toward using less tillage to produce field crops with more residue left on the soil surface. Strip till is a field tillage system that combines no tillage and full tillage to produce row crops.

Seeding systems receive Carbon Trust certification


Seed Hawk Inc. has become the first agricultural equipment company in the world to receive Carbon Trust carbon footprint certification.

Five precision ag products advancing sustainability (01/03/14)

Precision ag is cost effective for farms of 5,000 acres (01/03/14)

Investment bank looks at precision ag (01/03/14)

Successful retailers will offer more precision ag services (01/03/14)

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