Kuhn Krause releases new Gladiator 1205M strip tillage system

The new 3-point mounted Gladiator 1205M offers the superior strip tillage performance expected from Kuhn Krause equipment, incorporating several new features that increase productivity and decrease machine maintenance, while improving agronomic performance and exceeding customer expectations.


Bust that myth: Strip-till practices

Farmers are always on the lookout for ways to increase profitability while protecting their soil and water. One option many farmers have implemented and others are considering is some form of reduced or conservation tillage.


On-farm comparison of conservation tillage systems for corn following soybeans

Selecting a tillage system requires consideration of many factors, including soil and water conservation, economic return, labor availability and management capability, all of which are specific to the individual farming operation.


Selecting a strip-till rig

Tillage options require careful consideration before purchase. In addition to common methods involving a combination of a chisel plow, disk and field cultivator, growers also have two conservation tillage equipment options available: no-till and strip-till.


A refresher course in strip till

Although some producers limit strip-till to corn on bean stubble, some Illinois farmers have been using a pair of machines in the fall following both corn and soybean harvest.


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