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New DuPont Afforia herbicide introduced for soybeans


After receiving registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), DuPont Crop Protection has introduced DuPont Afforia herbicide, a preplant herbicide for soybeans and other field crops that provides excellent burndown and residual control of many of the most challenging weeds.

Distinguishing Palmer amaranth and waterhemp


The lack of reliable traits to distinguish Palmer amaranth and waterhemp during vegetative stages complicates efforts at stopping the spread of Palmer amaranth across Iowa.

Fall burndown benefits go beyond weed control


Although unpredictable weather may delay application timing of spring herbicides, more growers are adding a burndown application in the fall to their weed management program.

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Deep tillage buries weed seeds that can’t be killed by herbicides (07/23/14)

Screening waterhemp for herbicide resistance (06/26/14)

Glyphosate-resistant common ragweed confirmed in Nebraska (06/17/14)

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Soil residual herbicide options after soybean emergence (06/04/14)

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Afternoon Comments 08/28

Demand strength and Black Sea news supported the soy complex. Wednesday’s big rebound in nearby soymeal values illustrated the underlying strength of soy demand, which largely explains the follow-through strength seen last night and again today. The soy complex probably reacted to the Black Sea situation as well, but prices proved rather changeable. After spiking upward early, September soybean futures closed 12.0 cents lower at $10.7375/bushel Thursday, while November futures gained 5.0 cents to $10.2875. September soyoil slipped 0.03 cents to 32.64 cents/pound, whereas September soymeal jumped $16.7 to $433.2/ton.
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