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Certified wheat seed helps control pests, diseases

All certified wheat seeds produced and sold are tested by the Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA). The certification process and high standards set by members and enforced by KCIA ensure that the seeds are of high quality and suitable for growing by the producer.


SeedWay invests in Hall, N.Y.; expands for increased service

SeedWay has completed a major investment in the expansion of its Hall, N.Y., headquarter location. Components of this major investment include: a high capacity computerized seed treater, Seed Packaging and Palletizing Assembly Line, new Loading Docks and expanded warehousing


Food or fuel? How about both?

In the United States, federal mandates to produce more renewable fuels, especially biofuels, have led to a growing debate: Should fuel or food grow on arable land? Recent research shows farmers can successfully, and sustainably, grow both.


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