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Don’t let downy mildew knock down your sunflowers

With the ability to wipe out large portions of sunflowers and significantly decrease yield, downy mildew is one of the most devastating diseases that can strike sunflower fields. A soilborne pathogen that travels via water with “swimming” spores, downy mildew can be costly for growers.


Bunge, Saudi entity buy majority stake in CWB

G3 Global Grain Group, a new joint venture between U.S. grain trader Bunge Ltd and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co, said Wednesday it is buying a majority stake in the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) for C$250 million ($200 million).


Licensing agreement puts new seed varieties in producers’ hands

Farmers count on South Dakota State University plant breeders to develop new varieties that give crops greater yield potential and make them more resistant to diseases. The university fulfills this commitment through a licensing agreement with the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association.


Skip-row planting in rainfed corn

Skip-row is a practice that can increase the success on rainfed corn if one has at least 4,000 pounds of wheat residue (the residue from a 40-bushel wheat crop — spread evenly). A stripper header improves the value of this residue because it lasts longer.


Understanding plant tissue sampling

Remember learning about the food pyramid in school? While there is no fancy pyramid drawing out what a plant needs on a day-to-day basis, the concept remains the same—both humans and plants have nutritional needs in order to grow and be healthy.


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