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Researcher explores drone-driven crop management

J. Craig Williams, a Penn State Extension dairy and crop educator, is experimenting with soybean plots and drones in rural, northern Pennsylvania as part of a $9,200 grant provided by the Pennsylvania Soybean Board.


Should you plant earlier maturing soybean varieties

For the past two years, 15 percent of the Michigan soybean crop was still in the field as of Nov. 9. The significant harvest delays create several problems for soybean producers such as preventing wheat planting and fall tillage operations, increasing harvest losses, early snow cover and increasing soil compaction due to harvesting when the soil is too wet.


Bt resistant armyworms migrating north

To date, fall armyworms have not been a major crop pest in North Carolina, since they can’t survive a winter freeze. Studies have shown that these insects often migrate north from Florida, and this year they were found in North Carolina corn fields as early as May. The real fear is that these Bt-resistant armyworms will move from corn to cotton.


Corn storage costs

At harvest, corn producers must decide whether to sell their corn “wet” and pay a drying charge that correlates with grain moisture, or store the grain themselves and incur the cost of drying the grain to a moisture content that allows the corn to be safely stored.


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