Mississippi Daily Grain Report


Jackson, Ms Friday, June 27, 2014   USDA-MS Market News

Mississippi Daily Grain Report.  Grain prices at Country Elevators.

Bid price as of 2:00 p.m. (Price per bushel): Trends compared to previous day

close (Old Crop): Soybeans dn 9, Wheat up 3, Sorghum up 4, Corn dn 1.

                                     Cash Bids

                    No 1 Yellow      No 2 Soft Red  No 2 Yellow     No 2 Yellow

                    Soybeans basis   Wheat basis    Sorghum basis   Corn  basis

Greenville (FGT)    14.58    +80n    5.95    +10n                   4.67    +25n

Belzoni             14.36    +58n    5.73    -12n                   4.59    +17n

Greenwood           14.33    +55n    5.80    -05n                   4.59    +17n

Hollandale                                          4.42    -05n            

Indianola           14.38    +60n    5.75    -10n                   4.59    +17n

                                     Contract Bids

                    No 1 Yellow      No 2 Soft Red  No 2 Yellow     No 2 Yellow

                     A/S/O 14         May/Jun 14      A/S 14         J/A/S 14

                    Soybeans Basis   Wheat Basis    Sorghum Basis   Corn Basis

Greenville          12.65x    +37x    ----    -n                     4.47    +05u

Belzoni             12.43x    +15x    ----    -n                     4.39    -03u

Greenwood           12.43x    +15x    ----    -n                     4.43    +01u

Hollandale                                          4.52   +05z           

Indianola           12.45x    +17x    ----    -n                     4.39    -03u


Chicago Board of Trade/Kansas City Board of Trade month symbols:

F January, H March, K May, N July, Q August, U September, V October,

X November, Z December.

Source: Mississippi Dept. of Ag- USDA Market News, Jackson, Ms.

www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/JK_ GR110.txt


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