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Extended flooding kills some corn crops

Excessive rain and extensive flooding and ponding have taken a toll on corn fields across Ohio, and could leave some growers facing sudden death of their plants now or diseased crops and potential long-term yield loss later, according to an agronomist in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.


ProTrakker introduces two new products in its implement guidance systems line

Advancements in precision agriculture continue to provide producers with technology that gives them more control over maximized yields, inputs, and ultimately, profits. ProTrakker, a manufacturer of implement guidance systems, has pioneered the design of hydraulic hitches and accessories that deliver sub-inch accuracy for virtually all equipment models.


Farm groups point out biofuels benefits to EPA

American Farm Bureau on Thursday called on the Environmental Protection Agency to rethink its rule to reduce renewable fuels in the nation’s gasoline supply. Nebraska Farm Bureau President and AFBF Board Member Steve Nelson, Iowa Farm Bureau’s Charlie Norris and Illinois Farm Bureau’s Wayne Anderson called the rule to cut volumes under the Renewable Fuel Standard groundless and harmful at a special field hearing in Kansas City, Kan.


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