According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report released June 20, soybean planting is now at 94 percent in the top 18 producing states, compared to the last week’s pace of 87 percent. It is also one percentage point above both the 2010 pace and the five-year average.

The top five states in soybean planting include:

Soybean planting surpasses 2010 pace

Kentucky continues to struggle with only 77 percent of soybeans planting. Missouri and Tennessee also are progressing slowly with 88 percent of soybeans in both states in the ground.

Nationally 82 percent of soybeans have emerged, compared to last week’s report of 64 percent and last year’s pace of 87 percent. Iowa (95 percent), Mississippi (96 percent) and Nebraska (96 percent) continue to lead the states in emerged corn.

Soybean conditions remained steady, changing only slightly from last week’s report with 68 percent of crops in “good” to “excellent” condition. Last year 69 percent of soybeans were in “good” to “excellent” condition. Eight-percent of soybeans in 2010 were in “very poor” to “poor” condition, compared to six-percent this week:

Soybean planting surpasses 2010 pace

Overall, North Carolina and Kentucky had the best crop conditions, with 82 percent and 80 percent of soybeans in “good” to “excellent” condition. Louisiana continues to struggle with 36 percent of soybeans in “very poor” to “poor” condition.

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