According to the USDA’s Crop Progress report released May 23, 41 percent of soybeans have been planted in the top 18 producing states, compared to the five-year average and 2010 pace of 51 percent. It is also an increase of 19 percentage point from last week’s report.

Iowa (78 percent), Louisiana (87 percent), Mississippi (80 percent) and Nebraska (68 percent) reported the highest percentages of planted soybeans. Overall, one-third of the states have planted more than the national average. Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska and North Carolina (33 percent) saw an improvement when compared to their individual five-year average by 10, nine- , four - and one-percentage points respectively.   

Illinois (47 percent) and Iowa reported an increase of 31 percentage points from their progress from last week, which is the biggest jump reported.

Nationally, twelve percent of soybeans have emerged in 16 of the top 18 producing states. North Dakota and Wisconsin have not reported any emerged soybeans, which is two- and 11 percentage points below their 2010 progress. Louisiana (79 percent) and Mississippi (63 percent) reported the highest percentages of emerged soybeans.

States were an average of six-percentage points below the national 2010 report.

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Source: Crop Progress report