According to the USDA’s Crop Progress report released May 31, 51 percent of soybeans have been planting in the top 18 producing states, compared to the five-year average of 71 percent. This is an improvement of 10 percentage points from last week’s report.

Louisiana remains at the top of the planting progress with 90 percent of soybeans planted. Iowa (87 percent), Mississippi (89 percent) and Nebraska (78 percent) also reported higher percentages of planted soybeans. Wisconsin (50 percent) reported an increase of 25 percentage points from last week’s report, the greatest improvement reported.

Similar to its corn planting progress, Ohio continues to lag behind the rest of the state with only seven percent of soybeans in the ground.  Other states struggling include Indiana (25 percent) and Kentucky (19 percent).

Nationally 27 percent of soybeans have emerged, compared to last week’s report of 12 percent. This is still 12 percentage points below the five-year average. Iowa (52 percent), Louisiana (87 percent), Mississippi (80 percent) and Nebraska (43 percent) reported the highest percentages of emerged soybeans. Indiana (13 percent), Kentucky (9 percent), North Dakota (1 percent), Ohio (3 percent), and South Dakota (8 percent) saw the lowest percentages of soybeans that have emerged.

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