The USDA’s latest Crop Progress report showed 96 percent of soybeans emerged and eight-percent blooming. The report, released on July 5, also indicated a slight improvement in soybean conditions from last week.

Soybean conditions
Nationally, sixty-six of soybeans in the top 18 producing states are in “good” to “excellent” condition while eight-percent remain in “very poor” to “poor” conditions. This is a slightly improvement from last week’s report, which indicated 65 percent of soybeans in “good” to “excellent” condition.

Tennessee reported the best soybean conditions in the country with 85 percent of soybeans in “good” to “excellent” conditions and just one-percent of soybeans in “poor” condition. No soybeans were rated in “very poor” condition.

Other states with high percentages of soybeans in “good” to “excellent” conditions include Kentucky (83 percent) and Nebraska (82 percent).  

Louisiana continues to struggle – 29 percent of soybeans were rated in “very poor” to “poor” conditions.  It also saw the highest percentage of soybean acres in “poor” condition. Arkansas reported 21 percent of soybeans in “very poor” to “poor” conditions – six-percent of Arkansas soybean fields were rated in “very poor” condition, the highest percentage reported.

Blooming progress
Blooming is advancing in all 18 states as eight-percent of the nation’s soybeans are now blooming, compared to the five-year average of 18 percent.  Louisiana, despite having the worst conditions of soybeans, reported 64 percent of soybeans blooming – the highest percentage reported. Other states advancing well-ahead of the national average include Mississippi and Arkansas (22 percent).

Overall one-third of the top 18 producing states reported a higher percentage of soybeans blooming than the national average.

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