Last May, Ohio State University researchers wrote an article that discussed potential concerns with stink bugs this summer and in coming years. We are especially worried about the brown marmorated stink bug, an invasive stink bug moving toward Ohio from the Mid-Atlantic States. Reports from that region are that the brown marmorated stink bug is again causing injury to soybeans at this time.

Currently, no reports of this stink bug on soybeans in Ohio are being received. However, because of the potential for injury, we need to keep our eyes on it. Read a fact sheet on the brown marmorated stink bug. Also, because of our general concern of more problems with other stink bugs, especially green stink bugs on soybeans, we feel it also warrants our attention. We have recently placed photos of the various stink bugs on our Web site, including a group shot to show them together showing their relative size difference.

During the next months as soybeans finish pod fill and begin to mature, growers might want to check their fields for a higher abundance in stink bugs than normal. This is especially true in southern OH where the green stink bug might be occurring in higher numbers, and in eastern and central Ohio where higher populations of the brown marmorated stink bug were found in homes last fall. If brown marmorated stink bugs or high populations of the green stink bug are found on soybeans, we would like to hear about it ( We have recently developed tables of the insecticides registered on both corn and soybean that are labeled for control of stink bugs and placed them into Bulletin 545 that is available at our Agronomic Crops Insects Web site,