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Three devastating soybean pests in the South


With the improvement of soybean genetics and commodity prices, odds are farmers are producing more soybeans — and on better ground — than they did 10 years ago. This increased profit potential brings with it a new agronomic challenge related to crop rotation.

What insects to watch for in corn, beans and wheat


We don’t know what the insect pressure will be like later on yet this year. What we can do, however, is remind agronomists and crop consultants what we think are the most important insects for you to watch for in each of three key crops: corn, soybeans and wheat.

Check fields for soybean cyst nematodes


Now is a good time to start checking fields for soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) when scouting for other insect or disease problems. Cysts will develop on soybean roots about a month after the soybeans emerge.

Did flooding drown soybean cyst nematode? (07/10/14)

Should you expect soybean aphids this year? (06/30/14)

Six seedling pests that don’t need seed treatments (06/16/14)

Japanese beetles emerge in Iowa (06/16/14)

Illinois soybean aphid numbers down, survey finds (06/16/14)

New weevil gnawing at Arkansas soybeans (06/06/14)

Online insect forecast tool adds soybean aphids (05/02/14)

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Afternoon Comments 07/25

The soy complex turned mixed in late-week action. Strong export results and growing talk of August Corn Belt dryness boosted the soy complex at midweek. Thursday’s late technical setback persisted overnight, but the market stabilized as Friday passed. Traders may have reduced their exposure on both sides of the market, since weekend weather forecasts might spur a big move in either direction. August soybean futures gained 4.75 cents to $12.1225/bushel at Friday’s close, while November futures slid 1.25 cents to $10.835. August soyoil declined 0.15 cents to 36.09 cents/pound and August soymeal added $2.7 to $398.0/ton.
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