Bob Kemerait, Ph.S., University of Georgia Extension Plant Pathologist, says that “Kudzu with active Asian soybean rust is surviving in at least Seminole, Grady and Lowndes Counties, likely elsewhere. If we do not get a killing frost and cold weather this winter, soybean rust could affect us sooner in 2013 than any of us would like. Stay tuned…"

There are also some soybean plants still surviving, see below photo of some we saw near some grain bins growing this week. Also, Mark Hanna reported that the worse weed in his wheat a couple of weeks ago was volunteer soybeans. It was a field where he had beans in last year. He says that if we had had more rain and soil moisture maybe the seeds would have rotted but they didnt and emerged and may be carrying the rust like the kudzu?

Kudzu and some soybeans surviving in GeorgiaHere’s a photo below of a few kudzu leaves that Thomas County Agent and I found this week near the railroad tracks west of Donalsonville. We found Asiatic Soybean Rust on them.