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So, you’ve got white mold in soybeans…


There seems to be more white mold being reported in soybeans this year than in the last few years, and this is no surprise given our moist or humid conditions. Learn more about how to manage white mold in this year’s crop and in the future.

Soybean sudden death syndrome update


There have been numerous reports across Kentucky of soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) showing up in certain fields since August. SDS, which can be a devastating disease, is caused by the soil fungus Fusarium virguliforme (Fv).

SDS and other late season soybean diseases


The overwhelming disease problem is sudden death syndrome or SDS in soybeans. Several of the other late-season diseases such as late-season Phytophthora and Cercospora leaf spot and blight are making minor appearances as well.

North Dakota soybean chlorosis scores available online  (09/08/14)

Sudden death syndrome in soybeans (09/08/14)

Soybean diseases taking off in Iowa (09/03/14)

Terminating pest applications on soybeans in Georgia (08/26/14)

Indiana soybeans: SDS and brown stem rot (08/25/14)

Be on the lookout for brown stem rot in soybean (08/15/14)

First U.S. sighting of soybean rust made Aug. 3  (08/11/14)

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Afternoon Comments 10/01

Bean and oil futures defied bearish harvest pressure as well. Soybean and product futures declined Tuesday despite supportive USDA data. As seemed rather clear yesterday, the results of the accelerating fall harvest are boosting supplies and exerting increasing pressure upon prices. However, Oil values bounced despite overnight Asian palm losses and seemed to lead beans higher in Wednesday’s CBOT pit session. November soybean futures rallied 3.5 cents to $9.1675/bushel at their Wednesday settlement, while December soyoil surged 0.43 cents to 32.80 cents/pound, whereas December soymeal slid $0.3 to $298.6/ton.
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