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US soy exports to China could drop with crush-margins at 2-yr low


Chinese imports of U.S. soybeans could plunge by as much as a quarter in the crop year that began this month after processing margins in the country fell to their lowest in two years, industry sources said.

Soybean success: Highest yield in Georgia history


Georgia farmer Randy Dowdy just harvested the highest soybean bushel per-acre yield in Georgia history.

Breeding better soybeans for the northern United States


Researchers from Purdue University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have discovered a soybean gene whose mutation affects plant stem growth, a finding that could lead to the development of improved soybean cultivars for the northern United States.

SDS and other late season soybean diseases (09/15/14)

Stoller soybean research produces 214 bushels per acre (09/12/14)

Farm Bureau on USDA projections for corn, soybean yield (09/11/14)

Corn, soybean crops get even bigger (09/11/14)

Valent launches new Fierce XLT soybean herbicide (09/09/14)

North Dakota soybean chlorosis scores available online  (09/08/14)

Sudden death syndrome in soybeans (09/08/14)

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Exports: Corn net sales (finally) climb (02/27/14)

Exports: Corn net sales plummet 46 percent (02/21/14)

USDA: Corn sales tumble 25% from last week (02/13/14)

WASDE: Corn prices to stay under $5 (02/10/14)

USDA: Corn net sales dip slightly (02/06/14)

Export sales: Corn tumbles 16 percent (01/24/14)

USDA: Corn sales start 2014 steady (01/09/14)

Corn exports slowly creep higher (12/19/13)

Corn exports rebound slightly after slow slide (12/12/13)

$4.75 corn in 2014? USDA thinks so (12/10/13)

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Afternoon Comments 09/16

The soy complex bounce couldn’t be sustained. The Farm Service Agency also raised its soybean acreage and prevent planted acres totals last night, which prompted a bullish reaction in the bean and product markets. However, traders apparently had second thoughts. The fact that November beans failed at their 10-day MA probably prompted technical selling as well. November soybean futures ended Tuesday having fallen 8.75 cents to $9.8075/bushel, while October soyoil tumbled 0.46 cents to 32.81 cents/pound, and October soymeal skidded $0.5 to $338.3/ton.
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