As 2012 winter wheat planting season approaches in the Southern Plains, Syngenta reminds growers to implement sound management practices and select varieties with consistent performance and superior genetics. Adding to its proven portfolio of top-performing wheat varieties,Syngenta is bringing a new option to Southern Plains growers in 2012 with CJ, an AgriPro brand hard red winter wheat that has proven to be a top-performer in recent years in the Central Plains.

“We’re excited to offer CJ this year for the first time as certified seed to wheat growers in Oklahoma and Texas,” said Rob Borchardt, cereals key account lead, Syngenta, Vernon, Texas. “CJ is early-maturing, high-tillering variety, making it an excellent choice with double-crop operations. It also offers a unique tolerance to leaf-destroying bacterial infections that arise from wet conditions during grain fill,” Borchardt added.

Syngenta recommends Southern Plains growers consider the following certified seed varieties as options for 2012 winter wheat planting:

• CJ: Already having proven its value in the Central Plains, CJ is a highly viable hard red winter wheat option being offered as certified seed for the first time in 2012 to growers in Texas and Oklahoma. CJ is an early-maturing, high-tillering variety that works well in both no-till and conventional tillage operations. Armed with rust tolerance and Hessian fly tolerance, CJ is the number one choice for farmers working in double-crop situations and for those who seek good winter hardiness, fall and winter forage potential, and high grain yield.

• Greer: Greer provides a strong disease tolerance package with excellent straw strength, high grain yield potential and resistance to shattering for producers interested in dual-purpose or grain-only production systems. In trials this year, Greer held its grain through harvest, even when other varieties shattered. It’s also equipped with good tolerance to stripe rust and is an outstanding option for fields with acidic soils.

• Jackpot: High grain yield production, built-in tolerance to stripe rust and very good straw strength make Jackpot an excellent option for producers in the Southern Plains. An early-maturing, semi-dwarf variety, Jackpot responds particularly well in management systems that include fungicides. It is also an excellent dual-purpose wheat that yields high test weights and very good end-use quality. 

As wheat growers begin preparing for the upcoming planting season, Syngenta recommends thoughtfully considering both disease and insect tolerance traits when selecting certified seed. “With Hessian fly recurring in this region, the built-in Hessian fly tolerance will serve Southern Plains growers well this year,” Borchardt noted.

Planting quality certified seedvarieties, along with good planting practices that include residue management, proper seeding rates and the use of seed treatments, are all critical in helping wheat get off to a uniform start. Seed treatments like Cruiser insecticide and Dividend Extreme fungicide become particularly important in helping to ensure young seedlings withstand early-season disease and insect pressure, as well as temperature fluctuations.

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