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Plan ahead for spring wheat in the U.S. Pacific Northwest


Syngenta reminds wheat growers that weather patterns in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) can be anything but predictable, and planning ahead is essential to helping the crop achieve a strong start.

Research shows low spring wheat seeding works


According to early plant insurance coverage, spring wheat planting begins this month, so wheat growers will soon be deciding what their seeding rate will be.

Planting wheat earlier in the fall


This past fall 2013, many growers found it difficult to plant wheat as early as they would like. It resurrects the question of adjusting cropping strategies that may improve the odds of attaining timely wheat planting.

Monsanto says biotech wheat moves closer to market (01/09/14)

Evaluating wheat varieties for metribuzin tolerance (01/02/14)

Syngenta helps Pacific Northwest growers achieve top wheat yields (01/02/14)

K-State to lead effort to develop climate-resilient wheat (01/02/14)

Grass control management in 2-gene Clearfield wheat (01/02/14)

Wheat more attractive to U.S. farmers with corn price at 3-yr low (01/02/14)

New soft white winter wheat for Washington (01/02/14)



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