Soybean response to gypsum is dependent on soil quality

Most soils in Michigan provide adequate amounts of calcium for soybean production and are not prone to the sort of structural instability that might call for high rates of gypsum application. However, some of Michigan’s coarse-textured soils with low potential for sulfur mineralization from organic matter may be at risk for sulfur deficiency that can limit soybean yields. Inadequate levels of available sulfur are not only directly detrimental to soybeans.


Prospects for corn and soybean production estimates

Current corn and soybean prices reflect, in part, the large U.S. crops just harvested. The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will release the final estimates of the size of those crops in the second week of January. Any changes from the November acreage and yield forecasts that substantially alter the production estimates would influence price prospects into the spring of 2016.


Dow AgroSciences to support renewed EPA sulfoxaflor registrations

As a result of the extensive data currently available on sulfoxaflor, Dow AgroSciences expects the pollinator protection concerns expressed in a recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision (September 10) to be readily and thoroughly addressed by EPA through further review of scientific data, supporting pressing grower needs for protection against destructive crop pests with renewed U.S. registrations of sulfoxaflor-containing products.


Cancellation order issued for sulfoxaflor

On Nov. 12, 2015, EPA issued a cancellation order for all previously registered Sulfoxaflor products. This cancellation order is in response to the Sept. 10, 2015, order of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals finding that EPA improperly approved the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act registrations of the pesticide sulfoxaflor.


Field Forward look at the Enlist Weed Control System

From Ohio to Nebraska and Minnesota to Arkansas, growers throughout the United States participated in the stewarded introduction of Enlist corn and grew Enlist soybeans for seed production under the Dow AgroSciences’ Field Forward program in 2015. The Field Forward program provides select growers an opportunity to experience new technology before it is commercially available.


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