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Seed germination before harvest


The two primary requirements for soybean seed germination are temperatures above 50 degrees F and seed moisture percentages greater than 50 percent. Air temperatures and seed moisture content during seed-filling are well above these minimums. But, soybean seeds almost never germinate before maturity.

Breeding soybeans that can tolerate heat, drought


Hot, dry conditions can wreak havoc on a field of soybeans. According to the National Center for Soybean Technology, “drought is the greatest threat to profitability.” Work underway at South Dakota State University may change that.

New NK soybean varieties for 2015 available in N.D, S.D., Minn.


Ten new NK soybean varieties are available in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota for the 2015 season. They feature built-in tolerance to yield-robbing diseases, such as Phytophthora root rot and sudden death syndrome (SDS), as well as soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

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