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Why planting soybean early improves yield potential


Last year, Jim Specht and Patricio Grassini, University of Nebraska agronomists, well documented that, on average, Nebraska farmers plant soybeans two weeks earlier than they did in 1980. In 1980, half the soybean crop was planted by May 25; in 2012, half the crop was planted by May 11. This trend to earlier planting is likely due to a number of factors.

New soybean germplasm line released


The U.S. Department of Agriculture has teamed with University of Tennessee AgResearch and the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station to produce a new soybean germplasm line.

Monsanto releases podcast, website on RR patent expiration


As U.S. farmers begin thinking about purchasing their soybean seed for 2014 planting, they have a new resource to answer their questions about the expiration of Monsanto's original Roundup Ready soybean trait -

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Coated seeds could encourage early planting  (03/10/14)

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