With the corn growing season rapidly approaching, many producers are faced with the task of deciphering what refuge their chosen variety or varieties require. First, many of the varieties available have Bt genes solely for control of western corn rootworm. Western corn rootworm is rarely a problem in Louisiana and varieties containing this gene will not control the predominate species of Southern corn rootworm our producers face every year. However, varieties containing the corn rootworm trait require a specific in-field or adjacent refuge instead of the ½ mile refuge Louisiana producers are familiar with.

Below is a link to a list of corn varieties, their refuge requirements, and target pests from Mississippi State. Mississippi is considered a cotton growing area and the refuge requirements, including the corn rootworm trait, are the same for Louisiana.


*Beware that any variety that specifies corn rootworm control must have a refuge in the same field or adjacent to the Bt corn. If the variety does not specify corn rootworm, as a target pest, then the refuge can be a ½ mile distance from the Bt corn.