Feedback we are getting from the seed industry is that at least for some companies, seed corn supplies of the leading hybrids are tight. Some industry reps have been cautioning producers that top hybrids may not be available if significant replanting needs to occur. Due to production issues last year, there was not the normal supply of some hybrids. Others have gone into winter production, which often means that the delivery of this seed might be delayed a bit.

Some companies are also reporting that supplies of some soybean varieties are tight. The situation is not as tight as for corn across the industry. Demand for some double crop lines will likely be increasing and some of those lines could be tight as we move into early summer, so it might be good to check on double crop availability with your supplier earlier than normal this year. The seed supply situation seems to vary with companies. With the tight seed supplies, exercise some caution in planting too early if conditions are not ideal and your hybrids and variety choices are in tight supply.