The Channel Field Check Up Series is a series of on-farm visits includes personal consultations and field evaluations during the four major growth stages: Seedling, Reproductive, Vegetative and Maturity; culminating in a Custom Crop Report for each grower’s farm. Growers review that report with their Seedsmen to make product selections for the following season that lead to better yield potential.

“Growers have many variables to consider when making a seed purchase, and Channel believes that to get the most out of every acre, they need a partner who knows and understands their unique field challenges,” said Brock Helgerson, Channel brand manager. “Channel Seedsmen use the Field Check Up Series to observe and evaluate growers’ farms throughout the entire season. They are right there, every step of the way, guiding through challenges and making recommendations for each grower’s operation.”

The Channel Brand is committed to providing expert advice, customized service, and elite seed products to growers across the U.S. through their network of Seedsmen. Each stage of the Channel Field Check Up Series allows Seedsmen to focus on specific agronomic observations and evaluations when walking fields with their growers.

“Channel really is unique when compared to the competition, because it’s more than just coming in and buying a bag of seed corn once a year,” said Ryan Grable, Channel Seedsman from Kansas. “The Channel Field Check Up Series covers a grower’s entire operation throughout the whole season. As a Seedsman, I’m with my growers on their farms, constantly evaluating Channel product performance and identifying ways to help them be more successful. And there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the smile on a grower’s face after a successful season.”

Channel growers do not pay any service fees related to the Channel Field Check Up Series. Even growers who aren’t current Channel customers can find their local Seedsman on and request a Field Check Up Series evaluation to learn more about Channel.

Channel Field Check Up Series Stage Information:

  • Seedling – track field history, conduct stand counts, note insect issues
  • Vegetative – complete a weed evaluation, dig and compare roots, evaluate node/root mass, collect soil samples, measure plant stands, develop fungicide recommendations
  • Reproductive – evaluate pollination, check for insect damage, stalk/root dig comparisons, production plan
  • Maturity – estimate yields, develop harvest schedule, weigh side-by-sides, develop combine call list, collect feedback on harvestability, grain appearance, flowability and stalk quality, evaluate harvest compared to goals, begin next season’s planting

To learn more about the Channel Field Check Up Series and hear from local growers, please visit