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Seeds keep vital much longer when stored without oxygen


Wageningen researchers propose gene banks to package seeds under oxygen-poor conditions immediately after harvest and drying, because this will slow the loss of antioxidants.

New NK soybean varieties for 2015


Syngenta announced it will offer 21 new NK soybean varieties for the 2015 season.

Evaluate wheat seed quality prior to planting


The fungus that causes scab can also cause a seedling blight of wheat. If scab infected seed is used for planting, seedling blights and stand establishment problems may occur.

Seed treatments strongly recommended for 2014 wheat crop (07/25/14)

Evogene amends Bayer wheat agreement (07/25/14)

How researchers are speeding up seed production for new wheat (07/23/14)

Report shows biotech crop varieties continue to be preferred (07/21/14)

Wheat blends: Advantages and disadvantages (07/21/14)

Three Rivers Energy marks one-year anniversary at Ohio plant (07/17/14)

Gene discovery could lead to better soybean varieties  (07/16/14)

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