Ag Leader Technology, Inc. and New Leader, a division of Highway Equipment Co., have teamed together to champion precise and responsible nutrient application in North America with the recent introduction of the NL5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator.

“Our vision is to radically improve the way dry nutrients are applied. Guiding that vision is responsible nutrient management,” says Cory Venable, New Leader director of marketing. “The NL5000 G5 provides swath width control in a spinner spreader, allowing the placement of fertilizer to be more exact. It takes spinner spreaders to an unprecedented level of application with pinpoint accuracy.”

Venable says the patent-pending G5 technology sets itself apart from other machines on the market with its ability to perform 16-section swath width control by dynamically and simultaneously adjusting the spinner assembly position left/right, fore/aft, providing the operator with a highly responsive and reliable method of nutrient application.

Ag Leader played an integral role in co-developing the G5’s intuitive user interface and advanced control and monitoring system to make this possible.

Venable performed a demonstration of the technology during the recent 2017 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.