The 6th annual Precision Ag Summit will be held Jan. 16-17, 2017, at the North Dakota Farmers Union Conference Center in Jamestown, N.D. The summit is being co-hosted by the Red River Valley Research Corridor and the North Dakota Farmers Union.

Those attending the summit will have hands on and technical demonstrations of precision agriculture technologies and applications, according to Ryan Aasheim of the Red River Valley Research Corridor (RRVRC). In addition, they will be introduced to procedure and tools designed to lower producer cost and create a more efficient environment for farm production.

"One of the themes of the summit this year will be the cost benefit or profitability of precision ag," Aasheim says. "With the tough economic times farmers are facing, we thought this would be a good way to frame the event. We will have certain sessions focused on profitability with precision ag, cost savings using different technologies and value of data management, imagery data and remote sensing."

Some of the topics that will be highlighted during the summit include:

*Cost Saving Strategies Using Precision Ag Digital Agronomic, Data Analytics and the Future of Precision Agriculture

*The Profitability of Precision Ag

*Strategies for Multi-hybrid Planting

*Tile Drainage to Manage Salinity

*Making Drones Work For You

This event is open to the public and Aasheim encourages anyone interested in hearing from experts, exchanging ideas and learning more about precision agriculture technology, methods and practices to attend the summit.

In addition to the two main hosts, GK Technology, CHS Dakota Plains Ag, Simplot Smartfarm, NDSU Extension and Dakota Precision Ag Center helped organize this year's Precision Ag Summit.

Registration numbers are limited to 300 people. For this reason, Aasheim encourages early registration on-line. Registration costs are $100 per person and on-line registration can be done at

For information on the summit, contact Ryan Aasheim at 701-499-6994 or by email at: