Clay Smith was looking for an ag precision platform that would allow him to help his farmer customers achieve higher efficiencies on the farm, including yield and quality. He says he found the right tool in the next-generation of Farmers Edge FarmCommand.

“It allows us to use what the grower is working with, and it doesn’t marry us to a red combine or a green tractor,” says Smith, CEO of Eastern Colorado Seeds.

FarmCommand’s new, fully-integrated platform provides growers with easy access to crop, weather, equipment, soil and other agronomic data all in one place, according to Jay Kinnaird, Farmers Edge product manager.

The two men did a brief demo of FarmCommand--in addition to the company’s new Corn Manager management system--during the recent Commodity Classic in San Antonio (see enclosed video).

Easy-to-Use Platform. Through FarmCommand, Kinnaird says retailers and growers will be able to access all data in one easy-to-use platform that offers a wide array of information, features and services, including:

  • Field-centric weather
  • Passive equipment data collection
  • Fleet management
  • Farm record-keeping
  • Labor management
  • In-season crop nutrient management
  • In-season crop health and field variability management
  • Crop and equipment insights
  • ROI analysis

Three Tools in One. Farmers Edge says its Corn Manager is the first corn management system that combines nitrogen management, high-frequency satellite imagery and accurate crop staging into one easy-to-use tool, and will be available as an optional feature within FarmCommand, according to Kinnaird.

  • Nitrogen: Accurate Zone-by-Zone Nutrient Recommendations

Nitrogen remains the most important, yet most difficult to manage, nutrient for high-yield corn production. Driven by field-centric variables, the nitrogen tool incorporates meteorological information from on-farm weather stations and precision zone-based soil sampling test results to bring growers accurate, actionable nutrient recommendations in agriculture. The tool has been intensively calibrated, validated under diverse geographical conditions and tested under a wide variety of management scenarios, including a multi-year study at Iowa State University.

  • Staging: Pinpointing Critical Growth Stages to Enable Optimized Applications

To ensure optimal crop health and productivity, corn growers need to pinpoint when their fields are reaching critical growth stages. Driven by field-centric data, the Staging tool monitors and forecasts crop development to identify these key growth stages. With this information, growers can better manage the day-to-day logistical activities that determine their farms’ overall profitability, such as application timing, scouting, and equipment deployment.

  • Imagery: Advanced, High-Frequency Satellite Images for In-Season Crop Monitoring

Aggregating remotely-sensed data from up to four different sources, the Imagery tool offers high-frequency, NDVI-derived crop imagery to Farmers Edge growers. This first-in-class imagery enables Crop Health Maps and the new Field Variability Maps (FVM). Crop Health Maps provide a consistent view of the fields through time, allowing growers to track the progress of the crops. Field Variability Maps illustrate the major locations of variability across a field, then identify subtle differences to pinpoint unique areas for investigation. Leveraging high-speed satellite imagery processing, growers get access to regular insights into the progress of their crops, allowing them to detect possible issues earlier and to take corrective actions to ensure they achieve their yield targets.

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