Farmers have more choices than ever before of on-farm technologies that offer agronomic, environmental, and profitability benefits. However, the expanding technology market also creates an additional headache as farmers sift through all the options to make the right decision for their operation. That’s where Precision Ag Reviews (PAR) comes in.

The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) and soybean checkoff recently launched the PAR website so farmers can read reviews of equipment, find technology specs, watch video demonstrations, and more.

“Precision ag technology is an expensive investment,” said Barry McGraw, Ohio Soybean Council Director of Product Development. “When shopping for a new phone or computer, most consumers read reviews from others before making a decision. What we wanted to do was offer farmers that same option when investing in precision ag equipment.”

The website is still in its infancy and OSC is asking farmers to visit and submit comments about equipment they currently use. In addition to the reviews, OSC will be keeping the site updated with advice from experts, videos, and even a forum to post specific questions to your fellow farmers.

“OSC will never post reviews of equipment, this is truly peer-to-peer,” said McGraw. “That’s what makes it so powerful, but also why it’s vital that farmers visit the site and take just a few minutes to post a review and check out the other valuable content we have available.”