Since launching in 2011, FarmLogs claims to help manage 75 million acres today. That grew from the sole focus on doing business with farmers.

Now, the company has launched its Preferred Partner Program to engage consultants and service providers.

The FarmLogs Partner Program includes revenue-share incentives, training and dedicated support. FarmLogs developed its Partner Program in response to a growing interest from crop advisors looking for ways innovative to help their growers better leverage technology in their agronomic management decisions. A number of partners from Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Georgia have already been selected to join the program.

“We want to facilitate deeper connections and streamline communication between the farmer and their service providers,” says Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “This is a tool to help digitize the provider business. And as an independent technology, we want to support whatever brands the grower wants to work with.”

The company’s field monitoring service notifies farmers when it detects yield threats, automatically logs activities, and gives users instant access to field-specific data including rainfall tracking, soil composition maps, GDD accumulation and yield maps. FarmLogs Standard, FarmLogs Advantage and FarmLogs Prescriptions deliver timely, actionable and unbiased field insights and recommendations that help growers achieve optimal yield, increase field profitability and eliminate waste.

Preferred partners will also gain access to a secure online portal with customized educational resources, comprehensive tools, internal-use Crop Health Imagery and data from the FarmLogs Research Network.

FarmLogs is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To learn more, visit