The new dicamba formulation labels specify nozzles that you can use for applications, and they do for good reason. Despite manufacturers’ best efforts, dicamba still has the potential to drift or volatilize and put sensitive crops in fields nearby at risk.

Until a few weeks ago, only one spray nozzle, the Tee Jet TTI11004, had been approved for applications. Now, depending on the formulation, you have at least 20 nozzles from five different companies from which to choose.

These nozzles were approved with drift reduction in mind. They produce a small amount of driftable fines (some have shown to produce less than 2%), and they create coarse to ultra-coarse droplets for good weed coverage.

Nozzle selection is important, but you still need to calibrate sprayers to optimize herbicide performance and minimize drift potential. Be sure to maintain routine inspections during application season as well. Be diligent, and replace any nozzles that show wear or damage.