As 2011 draws to a close, it is inevitable that speculation will begin about what the trends will be for the global potash and phosphate markets in 2012. After a year of record demand for potash and phosphate, it is still unknown since so much of the market is global and subject to the volatility of international markets.

An article from Potash Investing News, reviews what happened in 2011 to these markets and attempts to speculate on 2012 impacts.

“This year, strong sector fundamentals were overshadowed by a deteriorating global economic picture. The ongoing debt crisis in Europe took a bite out of all commodities; potash and phosphate were no exception. Adding to the downside potential in the potash and phosphate market, was the disappointing global economic recovery. After a rapid rebound from the recession in 2010, gains in 2011 did not keep up with expectations. As stated by Bill Doyle, CEO of Potash Corporation, producers of potash and phosphate are ‘not immune to the global macroeconomic picture.’ Even as the year comes to an end, after about six months of uncertainty, the global economic outlook is still mixed,” wrote Leia Toovey for Potash Investing News.

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