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Germany's K+S confirms takeover proposal from Potash Corp

German potash producer K+S said on Thursday it has received a takeover proposal from larger Canadian fertilizer producer Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc, potentially marking the start of a new takeover saga in the industry.


Potash Corp eyes Germany's K+S

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc is eyeing German peer K+S for a possible takeover bid, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported on Thursday, citing financial sources. But K+S will likely reject a 7 billion euro ($7.8 billion) takeover offer from Canadian fertilizer group Potash Corp.


ICL to supply 835,000 tonnes of potash to India

ICL, a global manufacturer of products that fulfill essential needs in the agriculture, processed food and engineered materials markets, announced that its ICL Fertilizers segment signed several contracts for the supply of an aggregate of 835,000 metric tonnes of potash to its customers in India, including options.


Soil fungus leads to higher rice weevil populations

A fungus in soil has shown a surprising connection with the main insect pest of rice, the rice water weevil, according to an LSU AgCenter entomologist. Mike Stout, speaking at the Evangeline Parish Rice and Soybean Field Day on June 9, said the fungus, called mycorrhizae, is found on plant roots and helps a rice plant with the uptake of potassium and phosphorus.


Argentine Rio Colorado potash mine likely sold by October

Brazil's Vale SA is in negotiations with various investors to sell its suspended Rio Colorado potash mine in Argentina and a deal could be sealed by October, Argentine Mining Secretary Jorge Mayoral said in an interview on Tuesday.


Twenty-five causes of excess soluble phosphorus in Lake Erie

The March/April 2015 Journal of Soil and Water Conservation features “What is causing the harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie?” In it, the authors document the recently suggested scientific theories about natural and agricultural sources of increasing soluble phosphorus (SP) to Lake Erie. Their list excludes urban and suburban contributions.


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