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India seeks potash bargain after Belarus-China deal

Belarus' deal to sell potash to China at a lower-than-expected price has prompted India to seek a similar bargain ahead of the signing of new contracts this month, a move that could hit spot rates already under pressure due to stiff competition.


Belarus surprises rivals with China potash deal

Crisis-hit Belarus reached an unexpected agreement with China on Thursday over 2015 prices for the crop nutrient potash, undercutting Russian and North American rivals who were negotiating for higher rates.


Potash Corp quits SQM board over handling of allegations

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan said on Wednesday that its three representatives quit the board of Chilean fertilizer group SQM due to concerns that SQM was not adequately investigating allegations of wrongdoing or fully cooperating with Chile's public prosecutor.


Cotton nutrition and fertilization

A major factor affecting both cotton yield and quality is the availability of adequate and balanced nutrition. Soil nutrients are taken up by cotton in direct proportion to growth and temperature, with total nutrient uptake for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) tracking cumulative heat units.


Plenty of potash, but some regions lack low cost sources

Although the earth contains enough potash to meet the increased global demand for crop production and U.S. supplies are likely secure, some regions lack potash deposits needed for optimal food crop yields, according to a recent USGS global assessment of potash resources.


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