PhosAgro: Global fertilizer market needs price fall to rebalance

Flagging fertilizer prices are set for a further fall which will likely drive some high-cost Chinese producers out of business to help ease a stocks overhang and lift prices later in 2016, one of the world's largest producers, Russia's PhosAgro, said.


Potash woes worsen Saskatchewan growth, debt outlook

Tanking fertilizer prices have worsened the economic and budget outlook for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, where the oil shock has already stalled growth, pushed the government into deficit and caused its bonds to underperform.


New solution reduces phosphorus pollution

From Iowa and Ohio, farmers and wastewater treatment plants are all too familiar with the issue of phosphorus runoff into rivers, streams, and other bodies of water. But there could be help on the way. Since 2003, a Wisconsin researcher has made it his goal to reduce the amount of phosphorus released back into watersheds from wastewater treatment plant biosolids through phosphorus crystallization.


Potash Corp sees weak market continuing

Weak conditions in the potash market will not improve any time soon, the chief executive of Potash Corp of Saskatchewan said on Tuesday as the crop nutrient company announced it would suspend operations "indefinitely" at a Canadian mine.


PotashCorp to suspend New Brunswick potash operations

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. announced that it is taking the difficult but necessary step to indefinitely suspend its Picadilly, New Brunswick potash operations. The suspension is expected to result in a workforce reduction of approximately 420 to 430 people in New Brunswick.


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